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May 02, 2021


Wonder no more.

(Thanks to Nancy Gill)


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And no, we don’t mean that Dad wants to be boarded by the Royal Marines.

As my boss once told me: "Cool your jets!"

That thing looks like it would require good arm strength and skill. I could picture "Dad's" flight going horribly wrong.

If your dad is small, consider this alternative. Especially if He is weird.

The only way to deal with mall parking lots in December.

They'd best attempt that boarding in the dark of a new moon, 'cuz in broad daylight he'd be so full of lead he wouldn't be airborne much longer.

I wonder what the travel range is. My daily commute is about 7 miles each way. Just sayin'.

Until he gets sucked into a jet engine.

Is it just me, or does this seem like an easy target for whoever is on the ship the guy is trying to board. I picture something when Indiana Jones went up against the guy with the sword.

probably not

"we don’t mean that Dad wants to be boarded by the Royal Marines"

No, that's what Mom wants.

It’s certainly more dramatic to show this guy invading a ship at sea rather than blowing leaves out of the roof gutters, which is the likely application for most of us.

I think Spider-Man web shooters would be cooler. And more practical.

@Jim, "Honey, are you cleaning out the roof gutters AGAIN? You used to hate doing that!" The TV ads just write themselves.

DoorDash, Navy Edition.

Forget Dad! Mother's Day is first and I want one of these.

NurseCindy: They have limited fuel, and the pilots can only keep it up for a few minutes, at best.

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