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May 11, 2021


A Zimbabwean father who has 16 wives and 151 children has revealed he follows a strict four-times-a-night sex schedule to help keep his family growing.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Round, round, get around, he gets around
Goodness, gracious, great balls 'o fire!


No. Just no.

Ponzi must be rolling in his grave.

Someone should inform this dude the Job of Adam has been filled some time ago.

"Practice, practice, practice"- Paul Horning, Miller lite ad


The Rythym method is obviously not working!


How many's that?

So what do they eat for supper each night? A whole hippopotamus?

Only four? Rookie!

Reminds me of what Bob Marley said of his (officially) 11 children: "De good Lord told us to go fort' and multiply. I like to t'ink I am doing my share."

I tried that but soon learned you need partners to make it work.


If the guy had had sex with Nadya Suleman 18.75 times He wouldn't have needed those other 15 wives.

Happy Mother's Day indeed!!

As for naming, I imagine he's dispensed with vowels and consonants in favor of tagging with numbers.


...but it may get a little crowded.

Who's the guy trying to kid.

The guy tried to find out why wife number 6 just disappeared one day. After having 10 kids with her He couldn't understand why she just vanished. So the guy looked around everywhere walking the village for hours asking everyone He met then eventually came to the conclusion, "She's not there."

The guy came home one day and found part of his record collection missing. One of his favorites was gone. He suspected number 12, but number's 4 and 8 stuck up for her.



John is really GREAT. I had not heard that song in ages. One of my favorite videos of his. Can you say Meg Ryan?

Another GREAT vid.



So then #2 said, "lets wait till the midnight hour.' The guy says, "you always "did it better in darkness."

Caution: Tricky lyrics.

Then there was #1 who said, "Daniels is my brother, please stop calling me Daniels when we make love."

Ok, "Stormy."


Then Stormy's little sister #11 reminded the guy, "it's after midnight , you've did #'s2, 4 ,8 and 12 were finally alone now. I think. You're weird and have no class.



Then #17 said, "#16 said the rumors of you being classless aren't true and she said you were gentle."

"Yeah but, you're not supposed to be here."



#14 then reminds #'s 2 through 10, don't say I didn't warn you, He used to hang with Kenny Rogers and a bunch of his Lady's.

Seger had his 1st paying gig at my high school in suburban Detroit...


Ok. I have an admission to make. I was about thirteen, no where near the riverside, but we had a large mirror attached to a dresser. I would come home after school, get a comb, get in front of the mirror, put on Ramblin' Gamblin' Man, mouth the words in the mirror, make really cool expressions with my face, comb my hair and declare myself the greatest guitar player/rock singer that would ever walk the face of the earth.

Get your own girlfriends.

'If you need some lovin' and you need it right away..."

I used to sing these words into the mirror.



Just my imagination, really great.

Some of the wives got together and talked amongst themselves only to discover none of them had got nothin' yet from the guy. They agreed He was classless then called him some other names.

For a while, during the time dozens of his children were being born simultaneously, by many different women, twelve, a couple of the ' showing' wives labeled him cold as well a classless jerk.

I see that man tom has turned this into his own little stream of loosely-related consciousness again. You need a hobby, guy.

*Bows* to the greatness of Al B Leavenaugh. Thank you! I've been wanting to say something for a while too.
Don't leave us, Al!

Only 4 times a night? The guy is an amateur!

That's great, but how many diapers does he change?

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