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May 26, 2021


SUV powered by 150,000 litres of sewage has hit the road in Australia

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Emily, Leslie and w)


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Sea snot invasion:

They say it takes a village....Wait, never mind.

Cross-country driving will no longer require bio-breaks.

What sort of tricks will a salesman have to use to sell one of these thing?

When they said "hitting the road" I envisioned some sort of crappy jet engine, with plumes of sewage squirting out the back.

Of course it doesn't smell: It doesn't have a nose.

Minneapolis cooking oil buses used to smell like french fries. I can imagine what this lot smells like.

If they use accounts poo the exhaust wouldn't smell, because everyone knows that accounts sh!t don't stink.

-bet it goes like stink

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