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May 25, 2021


New unstaffed store in Tokyo sells entrails 24 hours a day

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Even Yoko is going, Ono.

McDonald's reopens in China. Hopefully they've cleaned up the menu. The last thing the world needs to eat right now is the McBat.

- man tom - I can almost assure you that whatever they sell it will live up to McOffal standards.

Just in time for the Olympics, beer on tap, with an eye of newt, here's looking at you, kid.

Places to avoid:

1. Australia
2. Japan
3. Floridaaaaa

(Thanks to this Blog, the list keeps growing.)

Does it being unstaffed have anything to do with where they got the entrails ?

@Clankie - that would be my first hunch (back).

I ain't got no body .. and nobody cares for me
yakka tak-ta, yakka tak-ta

I will pass. I don't have the guts.

- klezmerphan - Add Baltimore, Maryland Voted "Deadliest city in Amercia".

I'll assume those four-and-a-half stars at the bottom are for the article, not the store.

Whole story will be the basis of the script for the next award winning Sundance Festival movie.

"Nothing says lovin'
Like entrails in the oven"

Happy En-trails to you...


Yet here in the US, you can't even get a gallon of milk after 11pm.

What? Baltimore the deadliest? St. Louis is not going to take this lying down, motionless!

- ripleysparrow - According to a recent survey Baltimore also has second most mistrusted politicians in the country.

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