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May 31, 2021


Kellogg partners with DoorDash business on cereal-dispensing robots

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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In the year 2525, if man is still alive...

This is so much simpler (and cheaper) than just having cereal boxes, milk and bowls allowing the students to fix their own snack.
BTW does the 'machine' have emojis? If not the Millennial's will only be confused.

It's a bit disappointing, but I would be ok with flying cereal dispensing robots.

$6.50 for a bowl of cereal?!!

Key quote: "We are excited to partner with Chowbotics to deliver some of students’ favorite cereal brands in a new way while meeting the low touch intelligence experience needs of this moment."

And where's the cold pizza and Doritos vending bot?

So if someone destroys one of these, would they be a cereal killer?

Thank you...

If they would have employed drones the cereal would have been flying off the shelves by now.

Are you ready?

- man tom - This ones for you:

'Round these parts we call things like that "vending machines" and they quit being fascinating to me years ago.

Cindy, years and years ago (I believe it was 1972), we visited Switzerland for the first time. We were fascinated by underground vending machines selling all kinds of food (and yes, I think there was milk, but no cereal).

One thing I do remember from the Geneva train station is that they were selling HUGE (and I mean REALLY BIG) bars of chocolate. We each bought one. Swiss chocolate. Yum.

But that was many years ago. Now, I'm with you.

As my friend Deb put it when I sent her this item: "I can think of nothing less efficient then to use a vehicle delivery service for a bowl of Count Chockula!"

This is why college graduates can't afford houses.


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