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May 03, 2021


Inside a sex doll factory: ‘What our quality control team does’

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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For the betterment of all mankind, let's assume the potential future Governor of California has passed quality control.

"AI Sex Dolls" would be a great name for a alt/postmodern band

Investigative reporting at it's best.

These are the kinds of stories where it's good to delete one's recent browsing history, hoping to stem the tide of advertising that might otherwise follow.

What do they do with the dolls that fail the "stringent" quality control system?

They should partner with the company that makes the Navage nasal irrigation machine for cleaning and maintenance. I'm sure it would be simple to adapt the system.

Still holding out for the Stepford wives model run.

This sex doll is so realistic - last night she said: “No, I have a headache”.

Brick Dollbanger? Do you think that is the name on his birth certificate?


Another missed opportunity for Vanity Fair.

The new model comes in a box that converts into a couch called "the silent treatment" mode or if placed in the backyard, comes with a sign that says "The Doghouse". In the words of one well known comic:"I've been divorced so many times, that now if I meet a woman I kinda like, I just go buy her a house".

I also do not want to see the inside of a sausage factory.

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