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May 31, 2021


Pilot caught watching pornography on laptop during flight to Florida

(Thanks to Al Barkafski, who says “After all he was in the cockpit.”)


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His first mistake was not wearing a rabbit mask, thus preventing him from being identified in court.

That's why they call it the cockpit.

He "disrobed"? WTFBBQ, dude?

And we thought Captain Oveur was just joking when he asked "Have you ever seen a grown man naked?"

I always thought the cockpit was where they held chicken fights.

Under CA law when Haak got out of his seat, "disrobed" and began watching pornographic material after reaching altitude He would be commended for being an 'accomplice' to the crime. Which mean, under CA new law, "He is free to go."

I'm a little, I stress the word little off topic, but I wanted to make all you bloggers aware if you do visit CA, and please trust me on this DON'T, under the *NEW* law, if you are an 'accomplice' to a crime, let's take murder for example, "you are free to go."

I quote 4th paragraph, "This bill would prohibit a participant in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of one of the specified first degree murder felonies in which a death occurs from being liable for murder, unless the person was the actual killer."

So if you do come here are are an accomplice to murder, 'feel free to do do so and go.

Florida is so far behind CA where new laws are needed.

Never bring a penis to a cock fight.

He took the announcement “You are now free to move around the cabin” the wrong way.

Pilot to judge, "there is a difference between being rude and lewd?"

Didn’t Southwest Airlines used to have a marketing campaign, “We’re spreadin’ love all over Texas…” (climbs back on the geezer bus, no planes for me)

If I'm sitting on a plane, 30,000 plus feet up in the air, I don't want to look towards the cockpit and see a striptease going on with anyone but especially the pilot! Besides, I seldom carry singles with me on a plane.

@man tom - “...a little off topic...” ? Dude, I feel like a sexy little black cocktail dress when I start to read your comments (because I know you’re gonna wear me out). You should start your own blog and call it something like “But I Digress...”
Sorry, I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed...And it was a hammock.


Does this qualify him for the "mile-high" club ?

Must be an old Airbus A320 pilot. He was missing his joystick.

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