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May 29, 2021


The “invisible statue” in Italy was sold for 15 thousand euros

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Glad to hear he has found "useful" work after his stunning accomplishments in politics since 2015 in the USA.

As it turns out, it was purchased using NFTs, so everything balanced out, as Elon plans to use the sculpture to garner publicity when he mounts the statue on the next demonstration flight of his Mars rocket.

Next, he should buy the emperor's clothes.

Too many rich people out there with nothing to spend their money on.

He could double the value of the statue if he taped a banana to it.

Yes, 655321, that is exactly why I walk around with a banana taped to my back.

Someone will buy me!

655321 & Algae: If you're looking to attract attention I believe the banana is supposed to be placed in the front.

Many modern works of invisible art would sell for a lot more money if the artists kept up with the news.

For example, an invisible statue of William Shakespeare chiseled out of unseen marble while getting a COVID shot while eating a green banana would be an absolute original and extremely valuable.

Also a copy of the famous writers last book would definitely bring about a bidding war.

glancing at the article it seems to me like it was 15 Euros and not 15,000 as stated in the headline

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