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May 10, 2021


Humans to live in connected underground homes with robot servants in 20 years - experts

(Thanks to Ron T)


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Just move to Venice Beach.

Echo Park is nice. 2 gigabits download speed available, easily 20 GB/sec. in 20 years. Go for it. Who needs a house?

The Eloi will remain on the surface.

Smph to these so-called 'experts.'

Thus eliminating the need for the individual homeowner to buy a snow-shoveling robot.

Next thing you know, they'll be promising us flying cars too.

Don't the 30 Somethings living in Mom and Dad's basement already do all this?

Of course we will live underground. With climate change, the surface will be uninhabitable in many places in 20 years. And some of the robots will be militarized. What can go wrong?

Once "global warming" ends they'll need those autonomous snow plows to dig them out from under the glaciers.

Still no flying cars?

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