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May 03, 2021


240-pound fish, age 100, caught in Detroit River

(Thanks to Nancy [Wait for it........] Gill, who notes that "Fittingly, it was caught while being tracked by a biologist named “Fischer".)


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I guess that would make her the Sturgeon General. Whale penis sightings aside, the search for Jimmey Hoffa goes on.

It must have been a reel keeper.

I am likely the only blogger who has actually caught a sturgeon. I was a child and my Dad had a commercial fisherman's license and a commercial 300 ft. long, 6 feet deep trammel fishing net. It was on the mighty Misseeppi I netted my first sturgeon. I have also caught a Dog Fish. And I admire Jeremy Wade, the best fisherman that has ever lived. As a kid I was a lot like Spencer Tracy in that movie when I hooked into a giant dogfish. He snapped my line, well broke my cane pole right in half. Next day I talked some natives living in a nearby remote village and ask their witch Dr. which way to go to locate 'the granddaddy' Dog Fish. I am just making everything up from here, but the part where I caught a sturgeon AND a Dogfish is true...so I went behind the giant wall with the Witch Doctor and Kong knocked on the gate.

Here is a tidbit of information regarding how my day is going. Since you asked. A patient came in earlier this morning for her scheduled appointment. She is currently a 'stand by' for lack of a better name for a currently running weekly TV show filmed in Hollweird. I am thinking about applying to be the 'lead' in the upcoming Hollywood remake of, The Old, Old, Old, Old Man and the Sea.

Thank you in advance for your well wishes and encouragement. You're Welcome.

Many years ago on canoe trips in northern Canada (James Bay tributaries), I found that the best bait for (much smaller) sturgeon is a can of beer.

You find a local First Nations fisherman with an anchored net, and trade him the beer for a delicious fish.

I wish I weighed 240 pds.

I must note that “Gill” is my indentured servitude name. My ex had no sense of humor, and refused to name our son “Blue“.

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