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May 06, 2021


New Zealand Man Found Clinging to Pool Noodle After Homemade Boat Sinks

(Thanks to Geoff Scott)


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This is why you never construct a homemade boat with a built-in pool.

I wonder if "Jimmy" is the real name of the one brilliant engineer

Inventor of the pool noodle: pick up your Nobel Peace Prize at the Norwegian embassy.

Conversations starting with the topics:
Pool noodle
Brilliant engineers named Jimmy
Should never be started in any Texas Bar or Roadhouse for any reason....ever.

They obviously didn't see the Mythbusters episode on how to build a boat out of duct tape.

In their eagerness to test the dinghy's seaworthiness, Mcilraith and Jimmy had apparently forgotten to check the weather forecast.

♫ The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed.
♫ If not for the noodle of the gearless crew, ol' Jimmy would be lost
.. ol' Jimmy would be lost

OK....lesson learned.
Don't build my next boat out of pool noodles.

What is the purpose of a pool noodle, exactly? So you can go swimming and pretend you're part of soup?

One does not actually swim with a pool noodle. It is for people who did not learn how to swim or tread water. It is also used as a weapon to bash one's irritating little brother. (so I've heard)

I'm sure hew as able to radio to the Coast Guard (assuming NZ has one) using his Fisher-Price walkie talkie.

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