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May 14, 2021


Mammals can breathe through anus in emergencies

(Thanks to Rick Day, ImNotDave and Michael Moyer)


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Worst. Breath. Ever.

Hey, it's even possible to be fed through your anus...


So breaking news:"Life being sustained in Uranus"?

"Some species however have evolved alternate ventilatory mechanisms." Nominated for "euphemism of the day".

It's not the breathing I'm worried about, it's the talking.

Is that for inhale too, or just exhale?

Lots of politicians talk that way, so breathing isn't such a big deal.

It's also a substitute for the brain. Recall the expression - "I don't know where he got that argument - I think he pulled it out of his ass."

The researchers prepared the lining of the rectum by rubbing it to cause inflammation and increase blood flow, which improved the effectiveness of oxygen delivery.

- steve - I believe that procedure is a hanging offense in Texas.

"Eventually the team hopes to establish the technique's effectiveness in humans in a clinical setting."


In DC isn't that procedure called a "filibuster"?

"Always wondered hoe Kenny G played those sustained notes.

This is apparently why waterboarding is ineffective with some low-life people it’s been tried on.

With the equipment changes that will follow from this new medical knowledge, some occupations like professional scuba diver, fighter pilot, and astronaut are about to become a lot less popular.

Nurses deserve a big pay raise if they have to reach inside to give a massage before administering supplemental oxygen to their patients.

Effective Directive:
The process referred to as FARTING will now be described as:
"A alternate ventilatory mechanism and or vocalization orifice".

But health experts warn they should still double mask

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