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May 09, 2021


A Georgia woman was shocked to find at least 100,000 bees in her home -- for the second time

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says "she must be able to count very fast.")


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She said this was the fourth time she had to have bees removed from her house. There's nothing more annoying than a reoccurring case of hives.


I had a great, meaning her mind Ok, girlfriend while at the University of Missouri. She taught to be more descriptive when I was expressing curse words. I was not present, but she was sitting outside on campus eating a hot dog with mustard. A bee landed in the mustard and she bit into the hot dog. Needless to say, she was stung on the tongue!

I learned from her. Expressions like, "Everything was mellow, then Bummer Man, efing stung me on my efing tongue, man." "What are you efing staring at man." I think she may have said, Boogie On, but she was cursing in German by then and lost me. I only know one curse word in German and I can't Efing say it here.

Regarding 100,000 Bees, a group of official Roadies, who flew with Sting on occasion when He toured: The traveling entourage opened for these guys of, honorable mention.




I hate it when that happens.

Channeling Mitch Hedberg here - 100,000 bees? What an oddly round number.

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