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May 25, 2021


'Very docile' alligator missing from Wisconsin zoo

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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"Loves dogs" (translation: eats two per day)

Doesn't know how to hunt food? Crocodilians have been around since before the dinosaurs. That's a lot of time to develop instinctive behaviors. Trust me, he knows how to hunt.

Was it wearing Crocs?

Has anyone thought to interrogate the pythons?

Next time Wisconsin plays Florida in a non-conference game or a bowl game, maybe we'll see a docile gator in the stands wearing a cheese head hat. That'd be Rex.

Fine, but does the alligator itself know what ' docile ' means ? I think that's important.

It's Taco Tuesday!

Soon to be the focus of a multi-state police chase down I-75 headed for Miami.

By now, probably very docile luggage.

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