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May 11, 2021


Jeff Bezos' superyacht is so big it needs its own yacht

(Thanks to Steve K)


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Holy-moly, just how small IS his penis?

cfjk *SNORK*

Also who cares?

Whenever you feel poor, just remember:

You are closer to being a millionaire than Jeff Bezos ever will.

Jeffie may be overpaying. $500 M for a 417-footer? Jerry Jones paid half that for a 357-footer.

Since Jerry is big for one-upsmanship, I figure he'll trade in his boat for an aircraft carrier.

He's accessorizing like a Bond villain. Spaceships, superyachts. Not sure if he has a private island yet with an indoor dock for the superyacht. If he does, he's keeping quiet about it.

Maybe he needs one that big to play yahtzee on his yacht. Heh.

But is he really happy?


We should be careful razzing Bezos about his toys. It is rumored that he has a prototype for a Death Star under construction.

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