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May 04, 2021


A museum of oddities is being forced to sell off some unusual items due to the impact of the pandemic with a dodo bone, a unicorn skull, and even Queen Victoria's knickers on sale to the highest bidder.

There is also this.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I saw Queen Victoria's Knickers open for Petula Clark. Or maybe it was Dusty Springfield.

*looks around for geezer bus*

Re taking your fish for a walk, there's this: Megamind and Minion.

Along with Harry and Megen, the the queen's knickers are yet another reason to thank the founding fathers for eschewing monarchy.

What was the queen using the dodo bone for, I wonder?

Those knickers must be making a comeback, I saw a dude wearing a pair the other day.

*Smacks* Dave for suggesting a mother would want Queen Victoria's knickers.

As for walking a pet fish: Bob Wiley put his pet goldfish, Gil, in a mason jar tied around his neck. (Baby steps!)

Shouldn't Queen Victoria's knickers be a set that includes a garment to contain Queen Victoria's knockers?

Yeah,yeah. This mom wants a red KitchenAid mixer.

Mom might want this.

The Marine, not the suit.

Dave will be watching the bidding closely with the goal of getting Walter reappraised in order to increase his leverage ahead of attending the next Miami area boat show.

Her Majesty's smalls look pretty big.

Maybe we can all chip in and bid on the Franken Squirrel for Dave's birthday this year?


Perhaps Dave would like a Squirrel Launcher? (go to 2 minute mark)

ANYTHING you read in the Star is suspect.

A Dodo Bone !!!!
At last my sleepless nights have ended.

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