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May 11, 2021


Want to try something different in the New Year? How about fartlek training?

(Thanks to vee)


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"Shfartlet" "tt-Overcompensating" would be a good name for Bezos' yacht tender.

My wife would be thrilled....IF it works.

I wouldn't think anybody would need to be trained how to do that. Maybe to NOT do it....

Back in the day, and as high school freshmen, the term took some getting used to when our Cross-Country coach introduced us to this form of training. Over 45 years later, I may not be able to adjust to it so easily as a financial strategy.

As the article note, "fart" = "speed" in Swedish.

This is an old Swedish ship engine telegraph.

Fartlek - a Swedish word meaning "speed play" - brings the thrill of a sprint into your run to increase your stamina and help improve your pace so you can reach your long-distance goal faster. I think it could work - and be kind of fun.

I think it's more fun just to say fartlek.

Every time I get the urge to start jogging I read up on Jim Fixx who started the jogging craze. Things didn't end well for him so I'm not taking any chances.

What they are calling Fartek has long been known as a form of energy. In controlled amounts it could work to power entire countries. However, the product is quite combustible and explosive.
The only record we have of the tremendous energy of Fartek from historical records was when Plato wrote about it exploding during a bean festival in Atlantis causing the entire island to sink..
Any source of power that can cause your island to sink is generally thought of as best let alone.

Fartlek, fartlek, fartlek

we had a high school soccer coach who would make us do "fart licks" to begin practice, we thought he made the name up but he insisted that is what it was called. it was jogging around the 1/4 mile track single file, and when he blew whistle the last guy had to sprint to front of line, repeat for 4 laps. I would keel over if did it for 1 lap now.

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