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May 10, 2021


"There is a freaking Bengal tiger roaming in this yard"

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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We're gonna need a bigger litter box!


This might be a case where I would side with an HOA in being restrictive on pet ownership

I won't be much when you get through with me.

*I combed my hair like that for a while until my forehead grew too much.

Here's your girl in a related tune man tom...


Writer's embellishment. I've had a few tigers by the tail. I can't shave my head because the scars show.

Kelly, I LUV U. She does a wonderful job hosting the blog each day. Kelly, you make my heart sing. You move me. But I want to know for sure. Come on and *expletive* me. I think I LUV U. Wild Thing.

Homage to my boyhood 1968 World Series Champion Detroit Tigers:



Q: What's worse than having a Tiger by the tail?

A: Living with Man Tom's topless dancer girlfriend.

This is her.

You oughta see my baby when she walk down the street
Upsettin' everybody she meet
She's twenty-three in the waist, thirty-eight in the hips
She got long black wavy hair and ruby-red lips

Oh she's tuff
Ooh, she's tuff
My baby's tuff, she ruff and tuff
And that's tuff enuff

She walk past a clock, the clock won't tell time
She walk through the college, professor lose his mind

'Cause she's tuff
Ooh, she's tuff
My baby's tuff, she ruff and tuff
And that's tuff enuff

The president said to my baby, come here, sweetheart
You can stop a world war even before it start
We know the enemy won't pull the trigger
When they walk out on the front line and they see your fine figure

Cause you tuff
Ooh, she's tuff
My baby's tuff, she ruff and tuff
And that's tuff enuff

And that's tuff enuff
And that's tuff enuff
And that's tuff enuff

Pharmaross - I was a HUGE St. Louis Cardinal fan 1964, 1967 and 1968. I lived there. Damn those Tigers.

What did you expect? Everything's bigger in Texas.

I just checked my hat size, 7 5/8. Big head. I want to mention my friend was friends with Kim Wilson and opened for him on occasion when TFTB's when they in town. Thanks for bearing with me while I brag. You're welcome.

man tom, ' 68 was a great World Series between the Cards led by Bob Gibson vs the Tigers 31 game winner Denny McLain & lefty Mickey Lolich.

I went to one of the last games at Tiger Stadium. I watched my former Southgate Aquinas High School classmate Paul Assenmacher get shelled by the Tigers in his last Major League appearance with the Indians.

My brother had a tryout with the Tigers down in the bullpen, after graduating from Wayne State University in Detroit. He ended up getting drafted by the Twins.

Who's a good kitty? You're a good kitty, yes you are! Even better than a border of toilets.

Lolich and Denny McClain. Who could forget? My catcher in high school played AA for the Reds. Couldn't unseat Johnny Bench never made it to the majors. My shortstop in High School became head coach at U of MO then a scout for his entire career for the White Sox. He was the Greek Olympic team coach for some time. I have a lot of really great memories growing up in St. Louis cheering on the Cards and playing baseball with some pretty good players. Like your brother I was a pitcher.

pharmaross - I was that guy in little league who pitched a no hitter at the all star game and knocked a foul ball home run that busted the window out of the coaches car. I pitched against the high school defending state champs and they beat me 1-0. They stole home on me.

If they tried it today, I am ready for them.

My brother played some Detroit area summer sandlot ball against former Cards catcher Ted Simmons and Michigan State alum & former Dodger Steve Garvey.

I used to save my Detroit News paper route money and fly down to Florida to watch my brother throw batting practice to Tony Oliva in spring training. Lots of autographs.

I believe Dave's wife used to cover the Detroit sports teams in a stint with the Detroit Free Press.

I have an old newspaper story about me covering a game I pitched in high school. The funny thing is I got the hit that broke the game open which we won. The writer describes my appearance at the plate perfectly. It was almost 50 years ago and I remember each pitch (swing and miss) then smashing the ball down the line with two strikes driving in the runs.

I have the newspaper clip framed at home. I am at work, but when I get home later I would like to post the writer's account of what happened in that game. I will post the story here later.

man tom, when did you leave St. Louis?

I went to MSU with Deanne Lane, and we worked together at WJIM TV-6, Lansing. She went on to anchor the evening news in St. Louis for a couple of decades. Her Dad Ray Lane, was the Tigers tv and radio play by play announcer for many years.

I moved here in 1986. When I arrived in CA I applied to Law School and was accepted. I shook hands with the administrators and was looking forward to my first semester. We opened our private practice at the same time. My wife had left her job as Assistant Professor at a University and we wet out on our own. Boom, our first child was about to be born. Got the first installment for Law School, did the math, and shortly after changed a lot of diapers. I wish I had gone to law School. Just not possible for me and my situation back then.

I grew up with Harry Carey at the mike, then Jack Buck. I was pretty young when harry was at the helm. I don't remember Deanne lane at the moment. Could be I have just forgotten over the years.

"There she goes, it could be, it might be, IT IS...a HOME RUN."

I remember Harry well.

I remember well listening to his calls. He was with the Cards long before Chicago.

Deanne Lane arrived at KSDK in St. Louis in 1983. She had a 28-year run at the station.

The Tigers legendary radio broadcaster was Ernie Harwell on WJR, 760 on your AM dial...


Pharmaross - I have mentioned him before, but this is a grade school friend of mine. His dad drove the snow cone truck in our neighborhood and Jimmy folled the truck on his ten speed. We go way back and during a lot of really fun times. Jimmy came to my house here in CA in 1995 I believe. We drove to Vegas, stayed a night and gambled. Saw some lounge bands who Jimmy was crazy about. Headed East stopping along pawn shops along the way, Route 66, looking for old Fender Stratocasters. The best one we found was and old beat up 1959 I believe at Guitar Center in Hollywood. They wanted 13K for it. Anyway, we traveled across the country and had a really fun time, I mean we laughed all the way. We reminisced about the time we all got drunk at the Overland Pub, near where Ingrid Berry played, and our buddy pissed all over the wall near the phone booth. Got back to St. Louis and the bar where He played regularly was waiting for him. He played really well that night. Knocked it out of the park. Anyway He was a good friend for years and years. He had a '67 GO and I had a '69 Chevelle SS 396. We raced and I beat him.
He said He had a spark plug wire off. Yeah right. He passed away a few years ago. I felt like I lost a brother.

Here is years ago performing at The Pageant in St. Louis. The very first song is "Wait On Time" by The Fabulous Thunderbirds. I play it often. One of my all time favs.

I seem to possibly remember Deanne Lane at KSDK. Those early 80's were very busy times for me. I didn't watch a lot of TV then.

Man, I will say she is/was easy on the eyes.

Wait On Time. Jimmy Vaughn, Stevie Ray Vaughn's brother on guitar.

Deanne was and still is very attractive.

She left the TV news biz and went to work in public relations for Centene Corporation.

I used to write some reader copy for her at WJIM, (now WLNS-CBS Lansing), and operate her teleprompter for the 6 & 11 newscasts. She began anchoring as a Sophomore at MSU and I knew she was destined for bigger and better things. A very talented and humble person.

My favorite 'Fabulous Thunderbirds' music video...


Now that Thunderbird's video has attitude. All too familiar attitude. Like the old neighborhood attitude.

Like I said my friend knew Kim Wilson and opened for the Thunderbirds on occasion when they were in town. Jimmy said there were a lot of drugs hinting He may have had aspirations of joining the Thunderbirds. Jimmy did not do drugs. I really can't say he was close to joining TFTB's, but He did talk about knowing Kim Wilson personally.

Years ago a friend called me and said He had 5th row center to see Robin Trower. I go, "wow". "Tell me how it was." So, some time later I talked to my friend and asked how the Trower concert was. He goes, "the curtain oened and it "Jimmy" walked out! Our Frind Jimmy opened for Trower. Jimmy oened on more than one occasion for Robin Trower. Jimmy knew him and considered Robin a friend.

Jimmy cut an album and toured Europe with a black blues singer. I can not think of his name right now. I'll look it up.

Jimmy was the guitar player on this album. Jimmy toured Europe with Arthur Williams.

Jimmy played the guitar track on this album.

My nephew Patrick is a talented musician and producer. He has opened for the Black Crowes at the South by Southwest Festival. He's played up and down the East Coast solo and in a few groups...


He was on 'The Price Is Right' in college. He played terribly but walked away with a gym set that he sold on ebay.


No big deal, this happens every time Mike Tyson forgets to close his garage door.

This is not that great of a picture, but the best I can do for now. It's also not that great if you are rooting against me. The areas in the story which have been crossed out with the black marker is me. But I remember this like it was yesterday. I can relive, actually feel myself swinging and missing those first two high fastballs. Then crushing the next one down the line driving in the runs. I was the winning pitcher, 7-1.

It really not that big of a deal, but I will say to each of you, "think you can hit me?" "Get a bat."

Oh, I don't remember the opposing pitcher, Bono, missing any teeth.

pharmaross - your nephew overbid by $5 twice. He's like, "do you believe this1?"

I tried out for 'The Wheel' in the late 80's. Didn't make the cut.

Mrs Man Tom's mother lived here for many years. She did not speak English. Mrs Man Tom loves to tell the story how her mother understood nothing but noticed that Bob Barker didn't want people to touch him, but Richard Dawson kissed everyone on the lips.

man tom, I also auditioned for 'Wheel' in Hollywood back in the 80s. I did well but they asked me if I could return in a few months from my home in Michigan during a time that they tape. I was burning my allotted vacation time for the year on that California trip and could not do it.

I also auditioned for 'Survivor' and ran into the same issue. The people that appear on these shows must have a lot of vacation time or very generous employers giving them extra time off.

man tom, Here's a tune that hearkens back to our athletic prowess of our youth...


Great video. I had those trophy's in the video. A big wall full of 'em.

Some preslumber music...





Oldie but goodie.

Garage band stuff where I came from.

3 AM worth listening.

Too heavy to sleep.

Greatest song ever.

Strange Dreams

I have this. Wish I had more from the era right now.

More from the era.

Amazing song I've listened to for decades.

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