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May 02, 2021


Eight little lambs dropped off at Brooklyn man’s home by accident

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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So the homeowner called 911 and they thought it was a hoax and hung up on the guy. Personally I think you can't beat a nice leg of lamb, but that's just me.

I guess the folks at 911 just didn't have the chops for this kinda thang.

It might have been worse if the po-po showed up and he ended up arrested for being on the lamb.

O'er the lamb parts we watched...

India, swept by Covid, orders all citizens to home confinement today, leaving 300 million Americans without tech support.

Last night I watched my live online security cameras from my desk at home as a man broke into my neighbor's secured gated area behind the back door of his office. I couldn't tell what the guy was stealing, but He was filling bags with stuff and tossing them over the fence to steal.

I called my neighbor's cell, no answer. So, I called police. The conversation went something like this.

"Yes, there is a man I am watching on camera who has broken into my neighbor's secured fenced in area behind his back door. The guy is there now taking things."

"He's there now? What is he doing now?"

"He's stealing things, my camera is too far away to see what He is stealing."

"Do you have any kind of permission from your neighbor to have the police come to his property?"

"Well, I have a copy of his 'letter on file' stating I watch his property with my cameras." "I have a letter on file , too." "The guy is inside the gated area right now stealing things, He climbed a wall at the Insurance Agency's lot next door and got inside the gated area of my neighbor."

"Is He black, white, hispanic or other?"

"My camera is too far away to tell, but He is there right now stealing tings."

"How tall is He?"

"I really can't tell, my camera is too far away."

"What is He wearing, what color are his clothes."

"I can't really tell what clothes He is wearing and it's dark, I have no idea what color the clothes are, it is too dark, but the guy is there right now stealing stuff."

"Are your cameras in black and white?"

"Yes, at night black and white, the guy will be gone by the time you ask me all these questions."

"Listen to me! *In a very loud annoyed stressed out voice* "I want to get ALL the information before I send someone!!!!"

"Hey look, you can send someone if you feel you want too, if not don't send anyone and let the guy get away.


So about 45 minutes, maybe an hour later a patrol car shows up. Of course Robert Wagner left long ago with bags of stuff he had stolen from my neighbor. Sure enough the police dispatcher's office calls me, not the same dispatcher. She asked if I could drive over to my office to meet the officer and I said no. I told her I had contacted my neighbor and He said there were mostly cans and bottles back there, but He does have an air conditioner in there and sometimes they like to drain the freon out and snort it or drink, I'm not sure how they apply freon, to get high.

@man tom: they inhale the freon. It gives an incredible rush that lasts <30 seconds; that's how they drain a system. (I know this from a parent support group I was part of.)

“Lambs in Brooklyn off Flatbush Avenue,” laughed Charnas. “There’s a KFC almost in my backyard!”
@Jeff M: can you explain that one? There must be something different about KFC menus in Brooklyn from the KFC menu here in TX that I don't get.

Maybe there was a casting call for Shaun the Sheep.

MOTW - I knew that, but the people around here are capable of drinking it for added effect. I may have a 'still' pic I can post of the guy stealing the stuff.

Maybe they think it tastes like chicken? Or maybe they've just had way too much to drink.

Here is an image, albeit a bad image, of what I was watching. That blur at the top of the wall is a bag being tossed over the back wall. That is the guy standing there with another bag at his feet. The fence is to the front. He had climbed over the wall in back and got inside the fenced in area. I tried to enhance the picture, not so successfully. The camera was around 200 feet away, so you can imaging how much enhancement this photo shows. Without the 'bad' magnification you would see much.

BTW - I have never been inside that gated area and had no idea what my neighbor kept in there, but I suspected maybe tools? I was concerned because some years ago they stole his ENTIRE AIR CONDITIONER! The whole thing! That's what he had the fence installed there.

This article is a bunch of sheep!

I guess I goofed, said the deliveryman sheepishly.

we are poor little lambs who have lost our way....

"Oh where, oh where can my little lambs be?" wailed Little Bo Peep.

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