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May 31, 2021


Man in rabbit mask indecently exposes himself to fire crew helping a woman

(Thanks to John Lobert and Allen at Division, who says “But we thought Hugh Hefner was dead.”)


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Perhaps, had he taped a banana to his waist he could have done a DECENT job of it?

Probably got confused during the "rabbit season/duck season" routine.

Had he let someone else fire the crew helping the woman, he wouldn't have had to expose himself. Also, wearing the rest of the bunny suit might have helped in that regard.

"He may just be an attention seeker or he may actually be mentally ill, which is why I want a psychiatric report."

Either way, In Ca He would never be brought to trial under the new 'if you are an accomplice to crime you are free to go law.'

Not to question the judge's decision making ability but, what if the guy was a mentally ill attention seeker?

...to be clear on CA's new 'accomplice, you are free to go law', any individual currently in prison in CA convicted of being an 'accomplice' to a crime, such as murder, have been retroactively released.

It's true.

If the Manson family members were still alive retroactive justice would provided closure. Yet to be determined, was Scott Peterson an accomplice? Retroactive justice? We need it.

Pilot to judge, "there is a difference between being rude and lewd?"

In certain parts of Texas, we call this…”Saturday night”

Dude may be 'nuts', but he did an extended handstand (albeit with belly exposed) and that ain't that dang easy. Under duress!!


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