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May 08, 2021


45,000 people apply to kill 12 bison in Grand Canyon

(Thanks to unkle johno)


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I guess the bison must have tweeted something awful.

That’s 3750 hunters per one bison.

With that many shooters they're gonna have to form up in a circle.

There's rumor that one or more of bison may be Gay/Asian/Republican and posted Fake News.

Too bad they can't drug the bison and simply relocate them like they do with wild mustangs that overpopulate rangeland.

I had a 24-year-old street rescued cat I had to euthanize this week. There's a big void in my home and a hole in my ❤, as I miss my little girl Sheba.

Sorry to hear you lost her, sad. I had to have my 14 year old Spunky the Magic Cat euthanized one year ago tomorrow. It hurts when I think about her.

"Jack,are you gonna enter for the big buffalo shoot?"

"Nah, it's rigged. All the buffalo go to some guy named Bill."

Pet shelters are usually full so get past your grief sooner by letting it fuel your next visit to the shelter. Around here you can even browse those available for adoption on the web.

pharmaross - the hurt is overwhelming for you about now. The hurt will subside given time, but you will always miss her. I am sure you are overwhelmed by the loss. Took me a while to get over the loss.

What did the mother buffalo say to her child as we went off on his own?


Thanks man tom.

I had to pause my career to deal with some health issues and have a few surgeries. That little ball of fur was glued to my side 24/7 as I recovered. She woke me up every day by putting her paws on my arm and increasing the pressure until I responded and fed her. If I resisted, she would start breathing into my ear which I could not tolerate those whiskers, her wet nose and immediately arose.

Over time, you develop an interactive dynamic with a pet. I never had any pets as a kid, and I can't believe the bond I developed with that docile, affectionate cat. I had to euthanize her sister a few years ago for the same issue... progressive kidney disease and their hind legs failing them. I reflexively still find myself looking down walking in the house in order to avoid stepping on her, or rolling over in bed and trying to avoid her usual position stretched out on the pillow next to me. I didn't want to watch when I euthanized her sister Kimba. This time I read about about the process and held Sheba and rubbed her head as she passed peacefully. My intentions were to prevent her suffering but it still tears you up inside.

Bison never die, they just shuffle off to buffalo.

5* Snork cfjk!

If you play guitar, how to make an entrance.

Not enough energy put into this song.

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