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May 27, 2021


Warning for events staff after fake $100 bills passed at Testicle Festival

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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This kind of crime takes a lot of balls.

Are they sure they weren't fake $100 balls?

A word of caution to those planning to attend the vegan Sausage Festival, as there may be no telling what's real and what isn't, meatballs included.

A US $100 bill with Chinese writing on it may just be a case of "telling the truth in advance."

Now say "Testicle Festival" three times fast.

The beverage of choice at the festival must be Bollinger's Brut

"Rocky & Tara’s Nut Haus says the scammers likely hit them with the fake bills when their crew was busy and not able to do checks with money pens."

So much for your strict linking policy

Only a true American patriot would tattoo an image of Benjamin Franklin on each of his testicles.

"I'll have the sliced bulls nuts and turkey fries, please."

Ya gotta have balls to go to a festival like that.

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