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May 13, 2021


People in India warned smearing themselves in cow poo will not fight Covid

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Indirectly it probably does help maintain social/physical distance mandates. It might even give you a better view at the next stadium event you have planned.

Well, it'll make it easier to maintain social distancing.

What could possibly go wrong?

French perfume must be a tough sell over there.

Got your Manurna vaca yet?

I don’t have a cow. Is dog poo OK?
Asking for a friend..

I thought they bagged it up and used it for fertilizer.


Almost makes it worthwhile.

There is nothing left to believe in.


"As people wait for the poo and urine mixture on their bodies to dry, they hug or honour the cows at the shelter, and practice yoga to boost energy levels."

And the cows say "Get the eff away from me, you weirdo!"

Would it make a difference of it was fresh or composted?

Holy cow.

I wonder if its allowed on a 1st date ?

On a date it's known as a "Calcutta steam roller".

Google "Cleveland steam roller"(or perhaps don't).

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