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May 14, 2021


Large Python Snake Found Hidden in Toilet Rolls in Family Bathroom

Australian woman finds fish with wedding ring around neck

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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You know when we were kids my sister and I saw what we thought was a large carpet python that had actually had gone into the bathroom, which isn't good. Turned out to be her babysitter which prompted us to throw a large bucket of water on her.

We hear all this bad stuff about Australia, but no one ever talks about the Tyrannosaurus Rex that terrorized San Diego. I saw a movie about it.

When you always put the lid down, the snake isn't left with many other options, unless your store your bike in the bathroom. But on the plus side, somebody really liked that fish.

@Clankie: "...the Tyrannosaurus Rex that terrorized San Diego" ..or the Cockroach that ate Cincinnati.

Shouldn't a ring like that have been on a goldfish?

Better to be a mullet than to sport one.

The python only made the news because it wasn't venomous.

I thought carpet pythons liked to lie in the carpet, not in the bathroom on a tile floor.

Why do YOU think they are called carpet pythons?

@Steverino - Because the carpet matches the drapes ?

I did not know that fish got married!

I'm sure it's spouse was a great catch with a kind sole.

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