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May 01, 2021


Teen accidentally moves into retirement community

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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It clearly says "Senior Citizen Apts." on the sign, sweetie, so unless your reading skills are very bad, how did you not know?

A large percentage of college age/bound folks could definitely benefit from an assisted living situation.

There she is again
Standin' over by the coffee machine
Looking like a model
On the cover of a Depends Pack for quarantine
She's too cute to be a minute over seventeen
Meanwhile I was tiring but thinkin'
If she's in the mood I'll probably break it
I got the chance and I'll likely multiple fracture it
If she can dance I'll be down for a month from it
C'mon queenie let's break it
Go, go, go, little queenie
Go, go, go, little queenie
Go....OH...OH little queenie

Well, in 50 years, she'll be right where she should be.

Maybe she can get a part-time job driving the geezer bus between classes.

@Jeff Meyerson, you have no room to talk, because it says right in the article that she signed the lease without actually visiting the place.

This is how my friends and I felt several decades ago when we were on a trip through San Diego and stopped at a supermarket in Leisure World for supplies. All the other customers were silver-haired, and even the employees stopped to stare at us. Sad to think that now I would fit right in.

Mad Hatter: The locals nearby refer to that place as "Seizure World".

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