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May 12, 2021


'Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline'

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert)


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This is in a country where people refuse a safe vaccine that's close to 100% effective against a deadly virus.

Oy. And vey.

When I was once in a bind, as a teenager that didn't know about plastics vs. various solvents, I tried to fill a plastic milk jug with gasoline.

It dissolved it immediately.

I suppose these same people jump off roofs while wearing capes.

Are paper bags okay? Asking for a friend.
The gas lines here in North Carolina started on Saturday so I filled my car up. One guy at a pump next to me was filling up his car, his wife's car that he was towing behind his car, and two gas cans. No wonder we're running out of gas here!

These hapless consumers should realize they can't use plastic bags - there is simply not enough room in the plastic bag where the keep their brains.
These are the same people who need the government to warn or tell them that everything they read on the internet is not true.


I think this was the inspiration for said warning.

But what if the Aliens tell you it's ok to do that?

It's OK to use glass jars. Mr. Molotov would approve.

“Mind your own business,” says Joe Dipschitz to me, whilst pumping gas into his plastic bag, talking to Mrs. Dipschitz on his cell phone, car engine running, and cigarette resting precariously on his lower lip...*SMH*
I used to wonder why New Jersey doesn’t let you pump it yourself.

"Gas was $5 last week, why $6 now?"

"The delivery tanker had a flat on the way over here."

"That caused a dollar increase in the price of gas?"

"Well, for now. Expect prices to go $7 soon. The company had to buy a new tire."

Soon to be released 2021 protest song:

Four Dead in Ohio 24 Hr. Express Station.

"Make my day" - Charles Darwin

I hoarded 15 gallons of 87 octane into my fuel tank today! And I'll do it again next week! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

wiredog: so "deadly" that 99.7% or so of people who get it survive it. So "deadly" that a large percentage of those who get it (yours truly included) don't even know at the time that they got it, and discover that only later, when they're tested and found to have antibodies. So "deadly" that it knows to attack people only in certain kinds of gatherings, but not others. Take your "oy" and "vey" and shove them.

But its OK to use your lawn mower to trim your hedges right ?

Yes, people actually do this.

Mexico, 2019

Now playing: Combustible Edison?

Sorry, please don't flame me?
(We have a 300 acre local brush fire (in May???) and it smells like a burning field outside, plus the sky is a very un-natural shade of brown. Yesterday, my 35 minute commute took 2.5 hours, due to a five acre fire burning right next to the freeway. Actualy, it was a 30 minute commute, plus two hours to go the last mile past the actual fire.

Air tankers in action are fun to watch, when you have "time to burn".

I believe the gasoline enthusiasts are many of the same people who hoarded all the toilet paper this time last year. If you soak a roll of toilet paper in gasoline, place it into a jack-o-lantern, and light it (carefully, away from the children), the display can be quite dramatic. Be sure and have a video camera capturing the action, with firefighters and EMS nearby "just in case."

Thanksgiving can't be that far away, soon they'll be vacuuming gas out their tank to use in their turkey fryer.

Alex - Before you get too hostile, maybe you should Google “COVID India”... Just saying. Now back up our fun-loving blog, already in progress...

Ahh, time to thin the herd a bit.

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