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April 13, 2021


America’s most stressful road is in Miami.


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Rest assured it's NOT Dave, it's all those OTHER Florida Man licensed drivers.

Yes, parking lots are terribly stressful.

I will take your word for it. What '95 needs is a $9 billion road-widening construction project taking seventeen years to complete. If there are enough orange cones in the state to cover it.

The last time I drove to San Diego the road construction caused a back up for over 100 miles at breakneck speeds of 15 mph all the way to Mexico's border. I left at 2 AM coming back.

Last time I dove the 220 mile trip to Vegas, same thing, bumper to bumper for 220 miles! I left at 2am to get back. Can you imagine bumper to bumper stop and go for almost 250 miles! I'm told the traffic is like that all time now.

So chickens don't try to cross the road?

Been there, done that, and all I can say is: damn skippy!

It's the only place I've ever seen a guy "drop" two chairs and a love seat off the back of his pickup and have his teenage sons get out and pick them up and reload them.

And, most amazing of all, live to tell the tale.

The 5: The Golden State Freeway

"And it might be the only freeway where a carpool lane is completely for show. It’s looks like the thing is going to be under serious construction until our children’s children have children, and by then all our cars will fly. The only way to have a tolerable commute is to flee in the dead of night, high on 5-Hour Energy, and even then, you’re still running the risk of sitting in gridlock."

We have a friend, general contractor, who lives in N. Hollywood, LA. He will not longer drive to our house to work because of the 5 Freeway.

I have not been on the 5 in decades, by design. The last time I was on the five I was having some work done on a guitar. I only 'crossed' the 5 in doing so because I drove about 75 miles out of the way to circle in from the side to get there avoiding the 5 altogether. Note the 5 Freeway runs 'diagonally' across Southern California slicing it's way across EVERY MAJOR FREEWAY on the map! Never take a 'diagonal' running highway. I would rather pull my teeth with a flimsy worn pair of pliers.

Lubbock at #1? No, trust me, that's not right. And how do you explain Montana at #2 on the state level?

But Rhode Island as the #1 state? I can attest to the stress-inducing traffic there, yes.

And Fort Worth as the #5 city? It wouldn't be if they hadn't put in all those stupid toll lanes. But they did, so this is deserved.

What the hell is wrong with all those people? Why can't they all just stay home.

3am on I-95 in Miami after leaving Key West to make it to work in Sarasota by 8am is the way to travel that road. Made it to work on time. Wasn’t even shot at.

Anyone else ever experience A's 'you can't pass me law'? maybe you have and didn't even know it.

You are following a car on a two lane road, no passing or no way to pass. The car is driving really slow and you can see the driver peering back in his mirror at you. You know better than to tailgate, so you just wait for a four lane road and the opportunity to pass the car which is now crawling along. You see the four lane ahead and prepare to pass. Just when you hit the divided highway, the car in front of you increases speed up to 90 miles an hour if need be to make certain 'you can't pass me'.

The typical CA driver. I say tis every time I'm behind the wheel. Mrs man tom is tired of hearing it.

The four level in LA takes the cake. It doesn't matter if it is 2 am, 2 pm, or a weekend. It's still a parking lot.

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