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April 07, 2021


Cocoa Puffs And Lucky Charms Won’t Be Sold In Iceland Anymore

(Thanks to Art Kraus, who says “Well, I guess no volcano trip for me.  Why did I bother getting vaccinated?”)



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Anytime a quote includes a name like Björk, you know the story is going to be colorful

Wait...if it's a "natural" coloring, what's the problem?

But I have to say that when I visited Iceland a few years ago, I never saw evidence of either cereal, so this may not be as big a loss as they're trying to claim.

O the humanity!

" added natural colouring "

Why not just ban them because they're racist, like we do everything else ?

If there's any justice, kale also would not comply with the legislation.

@Rod Nunley, when you get down to it, everything is natural.

I thought Iceland was a friendly place and not a sanctuary for cereal killers.


Not to worry, soon they'll be infusing LuckyCharms with spinach.

This is exactly why my ancestors didn't go through Iceland when they were on their way to the New World. Plus they probably were lost. Nobody in my family has a good sense of direction.

Cindy, being lost is how people ended up in Iceland in the first place. Really. A storm blew some poor old Viking off course, and that's where he landed.

Þetta er viðurstyggð.

I'll second that.

In the rush to buy the few remaining boxes, must people become cereal stalkers?

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