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April 21, 2021


Prince Harry’s new job title means ‘penis’ in Japanese

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w, John Lobert and pharmaross)


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I don't get it.

Sounds like the royals have gotten blown purty far off course.

I should like to be referred to as "Head Chimpo in Charge," if you don't mind.

Speaking of the Royals, Prince Charles recently contacted his lawyer to draw up his will. He left everything to his mother.

I thought he was only the second in line Chimpo ?

Yeah, a chimpo does make a certain type of impact, all right.

Doubtless William is getting a big laugh over this.

"Chief Impact Officer" sounds like the amount of work required of someone with that title falls somewhere between "Instagram Influencer" and "Gumball Machine."

Would it be even worse if he was appointed the Vice Chimpo?

After he uses the toilet, does he do a royal flush?

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