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April 20, 2021


A woman stumbled upon a snake while shopping for baked beans at a Target store in Apex Monday.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)

Related: Melbourne roommates shocked to discover a baby python hiding in their unit

Why would anybody in Australia be shocked to discover a snake?

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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No doubt the snake was on his way to the lima bean section to celebrate the holiday with all the respect it deserves.

This is why I avoid bake beans.

Black snakes are very common here in NC. In fact, a few years ago I lived in a new house where they were still doing some landscaping and other things in the neighborhood. I got up one morning and saw a black belt laying on the bathroom floor. Right when I started to pick it up I remembered I didn't have a black belt and then it moved. I screamed and called a male friend over to get it out of my house. He ran in while holding a pistol. I told him he wasn't going to shoot a hole in my new floor so he picked it up and threw it back outside. He also told me that black snakes were our friends. I told him I didn't care if it tried to give me flowers and candy, it had better stay away from me.

LOL @ nc!

Snakes should be in the lentils isle.

Are the beans considered to be baked if you keep them in your car while you're hot boxing?

...A woman stumbled upon a snake while shopping for baked beans... Stumbled? 'Stumble' means to lose one's step or balance. She didn't stumble, she 'came upon', or 'discovered', or 'was surprised by' the snake. There is no mention in the article of Ms. Diane Dupre falling down. Who writes this trash? Jeesh! After a whole year with this virus, pent up in front of my computer, at least we could have good grammar to read.

As to 'shopping for baked beans', well, she must have been at the store for something other than baked beans.

...Mr Hoser told Daily Mail Australia the 'cat-eater' python was most likely an escaped pet... A 'cat-eater'? Really? So a python small enough to crawl under the door (in this 'sky rise, the doors don’t sit about an inch off the carpet') can eat a cat? I would be more worried about a cat killing the snake.

And this snake was found in an apartment on the 13th floor! Did they really think the python made its way up 13 sets of stairs, or rode up in the elevator?

And there is no mention of whether these two women even had a cat.

I had pet snakes and an alligator as a kid; my mother got used to them escaping and her calling me to put them back in their cages.

Years later, when I was long out of the house, she found a snake warming itself on the gas rangetop in her NYC apartment, which had a pilot light. No panic — she just asked the elevator man if he knew of any missing snakes. It belonged to the kids upstairs. They came and got it. No fuss and no news story.

She now lives in Arizona and has found a rattlesnake in her bathroom. Still no panic and no news story — the local fire department removes them.

Now if was the snake at Target that was shopping for beans as the headline implies, I might be more impressed.

If I found a snake in my thirteenth floor Australian apartment, I'd be surprised too.

I thought they were too superstitious to stay on the 13th floor.

Somehow hiding a python in your unit sounds almost as painful as childbirth.

On a water tower in Apex: "Apex: The peak of good living".

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