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April 26, 2021


The Noid™ is Back!


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Hopefully The Noid sets fire to LiMu Emu.

Ha! My post was accepted. I have tried to post this link EIGHT times on the earlier WE FEEL THEIR PAIN link.

Roundabout link here.

Boom laka-laka-laka, Boom laka-lak-goon-ka boom
Hey, hey, hey, hey

You can avoid the Noid but evading the Noid is frowned upon.

man tom, we just need LiMu Emu reassigned to partner with Harry Callahan. That'll take care of him.

Back in the days of land-line telephones, when dinosaurs walked the earth, there was a Domino's across the street from my house. Because it was so convenient, we used to order from there a lot. Then they moved about a mile away, so we had them deliver pizzas, probably once a week for twenty years or so. Then one day I called and they said they didn't deliver to my address. I said "yes you do. You have been delivering here for years." And the kid on the phone insisted that we were outside their delivery area. It seems they moved again, and abandoned my neighborhood. I haven't had a Domino's pizza in a decade.


Maybe he knows what happened to Speedy Alka Seltzer.

I loved the Harry Callahan movies, my favorite flicks from the era. Plus Harry never let anyone put lipstick on his butt hole or Noids for that matter to keep track of his movements.

Remember what Callahan said. There is hope.

Wasn't it Harry who said, "The Truth is Like Tomorrow, it Will Rise Again."

I was thinking more of where he told a new partner that his new partners didn't last long.

A somewhat brief synopsis of my Covid/Domino's experience,

Last year when the Covid pandemic first hit I decided to stop at Domino's on the way home. Hot baked pizza. Safe. Right? Before their clever Covid 'no touch' commercials came about.

I had called to order and the guy said, "we are all stacked up with orders, be about 45 minutes." Fine. So, about 45 minutes later I show up with cash and in a friendly conversational voice I say, "you guys are really busy, huh?" The guy, his bare stomach was hanging from under his shirt out over his belt, says, "Yeah with COVODFEST!?" The guy takes my money, fishes out a cash drawer key from deep in his pocket, opens the drawer (no gloves) and hands me my change. He says, "it will be ready in about ten minutes it's about to go in the oven now, I'll bring it out to your car." Fine. Until. He the walks over to the pizza making counter where they make the Pizzas and grabs a handful of sausage with the same hand he just had in his pocket, had held the key with it, went into the cash drawer and handed me my filthy change.

I have not been back to the Domino's branch but have, after being reassured by their commercials, found a secondary store should I choose to have Domino's COVIDFEST-FREE pizza.

Always looked like more of a 'Rhoid to me.

Speedy was working in a brewery for a few years but is currently in rehab.

Anyone remember this guy?


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