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April 28, 2021


Actor Randy Quaid says he is 'seriously considering' running for California governor against Caitlyn Jenner

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Sounds like another example of "controlled opposition" to me.

It's almost like "The breakfast of Champions" eats Cousin Eddie.

This fall I will receive my ballot. First, I will choose Yes or No to recall Gavin Newsome. After choosing Hell YES, then I will proceed to check the box on my ballot next to the candidate I wish to replace $hithead Newsome with. Really, Newsome is a $hithead, trust me. A total vote of 50% YES is required to recall *ssholde Newsome. Trust me, Newsome wreaks. Right now I am leaning toward casting my vote for Kaitlyn Jenner. Because I realize it took real balls on his part to run.

There is no way you could find political reason to like Gavin Newsome.

I want to assure everyone there is no chance Gav will be unseated as Gov. The people running the state unchecked for the past 10 years will remain in total control of our paradise. And at least long enough for everyone to leave.

I think I'll vote for ol' Randy. The fact that I'm in Texas really shouldn't be much of an obstacle to voting in California. He's a good ol' Texas boy who I think deserves my vote. Several of 'em, in fact.

Mr. tom, take it somewhere else, please. The rest of us come here to get away from the political trash talk.

Remember when California was called "the land of fruits and nuts?"

The last time this happened, The Terminator defeated Gary Coleman.

Definition: Runoff election... Where the voters realize all they have are insane choices and run off to another state.

Brace yourself wanderer because I'm sending you a big hug. My thoughts exactly.
I read a recent article that said a lot of Californians are leaving the state right now. Now I know why.

Where's Gary Busey when you need him?

Too bad the best celebrity for the job is a Florida resident. Candidate Barry, California needs you! Now more than ever!

I'm hoping Kanye runs for governor in all 50 states

I keep thinking about Rod Serling's opening narration to one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, "A Hundred Yards Over the Rim," about a group of settlers heading from Ohio to California in 1847: "Someone told them about a place called California, about a warm sun and a blue sky, about rich land and fresh air..." I guess that's not enough anymore.

Come to think of it, I've never seen Randy Quaid and Vermin Supreme in the same room.

Does that former army helo pilot live in CA, 'cuz the inaugural balls might be fun.

"Hello, boys. I'm baaaaack!"

^5 to Jeff!



I happened to run across a couple of songs I've seen The Blog play and thought it would be a kick to not post post them. So pay no attention to the second song in the medley.

I never would have though I would see T.J. out-screamed

Then I didn't come across this by chance and have reluctantly decided not to post it anyway.




Somehow it just makes sense that Californication's first woman governor would be the Kardashians' stepfather and Male Athlete of the Year 1976.

Early life. Gavin Newsome...highest level of education was a B.S. but his father was an advocate for otters and the family had one as a pet.

PR: From Cheerios to hamburger-helper! You've covered all the bases.

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