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April 17, 2021


Sex-partying drywallers fired

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It should be noted this is a well built home due to its tongue-and-groove construction.


A NFT of the video will be packaged with the home when it is ultimately sold for $20,000 over market price.

" Reaction to the video has been swift. "

And I'm sure we would all rather not know what that was.

Fired or fired up? They all look like team players to me.

If you think the party is almost over just wait until the plumbers show up and start laying pipe.

I sent this article to a friend who said that Sex-Partying Drywallers is the name of her Men at Work cover band. They do "We Can Work It Out" and "Working My Way Back to You" and "Working for a Living."

I have no comment with the exception of saying, "Damb."

Your "drywall compound" joke here.

“We have also been working to promote the construction industry as a viable career path for women. This type of conduct has no place on construction sites and won’t be tolerated.”

Seems like there's a new, lucrative career path for women in construction, if you ask me.

This will really increase viewership for THIS OLD HOUSE.

What happened to my comment, Dave?

It was there yesterday. Now, pfft.

Jeff, I have also noticed comments sporadically vaporized to etherland.
I thought it was just me.

Jeff and MOTW, no one has ever deleted any of my comm

I've had comments disappear before, and it seemed like one vanished and returned. It's either a server glitch or there are bots reviewing the comments so herald.com doesn't get taken offline by one of us rogues saying stuff like how cool it would be to slurp vodka off a stripper's bum. Oops.

If the comment includes "booger" or "toilet," the bots automatically delete it.

Wouldn't that make them phantom comments?

Yeah, I used to comment about a now-to-be-unnamed "paunchy" celebrity whenever Dave posted about giant sewer blobs, but those always disappeared.

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