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April 21, 2021


Giant Amphibious Centipede Discovered Attacking Prawns in Japan

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Damn chimpoheads!

This is really great news: centipedes make discovery of attacking prawns.
Of course, our favorite is Fighting Prawn of the Mollusk tribe.

This explains the sudden increase in Japanese imports of cocktail sauce.

An interesting coincidence is that GAC could stand for "Giant Amphibious Centitped" OR "Global Assembly Cache" as found in Microsoft SQL Server.

Heck, our centipedes here are just as big and probably with more potent venom. And they've been known to take down rats.

Do they have 100 webbed feet?

The giant prawns have me intrigued. I wonder how they go with cocktail sauce?

I thought "GAC" used to open for "Attacking Prawns".
I wonder what caused the relationship to go south.

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