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April 24, 2021


Just How Many Surfaces Does Your Cat’s Butt Touch?

(Thanks to Ralph)


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You can shmear all the lipstick you want on a cat's butt, it's still not gonna make it any more kissable.

How many of you have stepped on a cat's tail and not had this happen?

How do you put lipstick on a cat's anus without getting your eyes scratched out?

There's nothing like sitting down to a leisurely weekend brunch and reading about cat butt.

I guess 275. What did I win ?

Congrats! You've won a year's supply of lipstick!

I read somewhere that the statue in Italy of Hercules strangling the Nemean Lion was actually done after the sculptor saw someone trying to give their cat a pill.
I have a feeling I'd look the same way if I ever went anywhere near my cat with a tube of lipstick. Especially if it wasn't her color.

Then it was Mom’s turn to do a science project: What detergent is best at removing lipstick stains?

Man Tom, I loved the 3 Stooges. Thanks for sharing, Curly Joe swallowing the cigar. I have a cat and a dog. I love my dog.

"Lipstick on your collar / told a tale on you..."

Buzz D - I also loved The Three Stooges and currently have 182 episodes of their 190-odd short subject flicks on my DVR. I have drawers full of DVD's and boxed sets, some my kids gave me as presents. Anyway, I usually take the edge off my stressful day by drinking a Fifth of Jack minus the last shot in the bottom of the bottle. No, I watch The Three Stooges and all the day's problems fade away. BTW I had a topless dancer girlfriend I lived with who often drank a fifth of Jack minus the last shot in bottom of the bottle to take the stress off after work. Some of these scene's" remind me of her and the way we were.

Only thing worse than lipstick on your collar is lipstick on your dipstick.

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