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April 24, 2021


Is YOUR toilet paper safe?

(Thanks to Roberto, who says “To be safe I am using the grass from my front lawn.”) (Should be the back lawn, no?)


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Fait le bonne temps rouler.

After I use it, no, it is not.

I agree with Dave. Just shut up already! If it makes anybody feel better, I never had anyone come into the ER with a toilet paper injury or toilet paper induced illness.

I checked the back of my 'paper:
3M P220
230 N
General Purpose/Wood
And recommends the use of:
Sound Deadening Headphones

Snork @ nursecindy! Toilet paper injury—ha ha, that was funny!

Also, not to brag, but I saw Bacterial Vaginosis open for Britney Spears.

I am 72 years old. Never have I had a toilet paper injury. But if I do get a toilet paper injury, can I sue? How much could I get? Enough to move to Coral Gables and buy a marmot? Or am I just mixed up right now?

My toilet paper is perfectly safe. All 6 pallets of it. Locked in my underground bunker.

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