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April 06, 2021


Many American restaurants are now facing a nationwide ketchup shortage.

(Thanks to John Criswell)


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Nostradamus predicted this 500 years ago. It is in the XL quatrain. So I bought 3 x 160 gallon barrels of ketchup.
No, I’m not selling.

Patrick Mahomes must be in crisis mode.

Can we just STOP with crisis after crisis?

As it happens, the MOTW household had run out of ketchup (no one told me, so it was not on the shopping list) - I picked up some Heinz at T@rget today. Their shelves were fully stocked.

As long as they haven't fallen under the impression that you have to refrigerate it.

Look for a significant increase in Drive-thru shootings.

Oh gosh, man tom. I sure hope not.

Should have stocked up some extra reserve in cold storage.

*ducks from AmoebaStampede and everyone else*

Let them eat catsup! In Australia they put tomato sauce on their dhips.

You can't take this stuff at face value. It's the Ketchup Cartel trying to drive up prices and spur the black market. Bottles of ketchup will be washing up on Florida beaches within a year.

The eagles, LIVE!

Ripley. Take cover.

Thus the world holds its collective breath.

I managed to get to the store today and snagged many bottles before the hoarders got to them.

I don't eat ketchup so all of you can have mine.
I agree with MOTW. Enough with all the crises!

As overheard at a restaurant in Heidelberg Germany “Americans put ketchup on everything, even on their ketchup.”
Snork snork and return to gulping really good bier. I have to get to Safeway.

Snork to 655321!

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