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April 06, 2021


Florida Man Stole Ambulance from Hospital, Got Stuck in Mud While Approaching Water

(Thanks to John Lobert and Ralph)


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Looks like a fun guy to me.

I'm not up to speed in the comics world. When did Captain Marvel take the lightning bolt off his costume and put it on his face?

I liked him when He was with KISS.

Apparently, this is a trend. We had this happen here yesterday, too.


They should have realized this was bound to happen when they wouldn't let him park his (well, not his, but the one he rode in on) bucket loader in long-term parking.

Rod - I'm sure the guy had one of these, Texas version, and if not sure to be coming to Texas soon.

Other CA laws Texas should seriously consider putting on the books:

It is illegal for women to drive vehicles while wearing a housecoat.

I'm no expert on this, but don't you get extra points in Grand Theft Auto for stealing an ambulance? Maybe even more if you have a distinctive facial tattoo. Livin the dream.

Harry Potter has not aged well.

Trey Cornwell ==>
Cell ten worry
Retry cell now
Wry cell tenor
Clown try leer
Cry now, teller

https://jalopnik.com/florida-man-steals-police-car-leads-100-mph-chase-whil-1846630023 The South shall rise again and Florida Man shall be the vanguard.

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