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April 05, 2021


10ft snake pulled from toilet after biting man’s bum

(Thanks to Ralph)

We may have already posted an item about this. There have been so many toilet-snake attacks in this ongoing epidemic that we can no longer tell them apart. The one thing we cannot afford to do, during this stressful time, is research.


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This trend begs the (research) question as to whether it’s best to leave the seat down or up.

(I think I've posted this before too) Sounds like the snake might be getting a bum rap, as opposed to the man who was getting a bum wrap.

We may be safe here. Seems like the last one was in Thailand, while this one is in Malaysia.

Of course, it's the Florida ones that all run together.

Toilet Snakes are all the rage.

In 2017, Toilet Snakes opened at the Ultra Music Festival.

If they are keeping sanitary sewers and storm drains separated, it makes you wonder how these critters are getting into the pipes in the first place. We need a plethora of scholarly research. I'll kick it off here -- I once lived in a place where frogs could freely enter the septic tank, and they occasionally showed up in the bathtub. It was like a big spa day for them.

This speaks directly to the stressful times of the ongoing epidemic, but fails to mention toilet snakes.

I couldn't have said it any better. Well, if I tried I probably could despite the considerable amount of disinfectant soap in my mouth.

I'm feeling a little left out. I lived in Asia for two years and not ONCE did I find a snake in the toilet much less have one bite me. I did see an Asp fall off a door and hit a woman's arm, burning it, but that was only exciting for about five minutes. On the other hand, I did learn some new and interesting words during that incident.

My 2 trillion Toilet Snake Authorization Bill will take care of all of this, one way or another.

Huge Slider opened for Whitesnake. Rocked the house and restrooms.

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