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April 21, 2021


Man bitten while using barbecue tongs to remove rattlesnake

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)

This blog has personal experience with attempting to remove a snake with barbecue tongs.


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Next time just throw that puppy right on the hot grill and slam the lid shut.

“Some of the children were saying, ‘bye, Mr. Snake,’ ”
Something tells me Tongs Guy wasn't the most popular guy on his street...

Joyce Carol Oates.


I think that specific use was forbidden in the instruction manual cautions for the tongs. ( Although I may be wrong, as the instructions were in Chinese. )

One of my favorite articles!
When I've encountered a snake I find calling friends with firearms over usually works pretty well.

Of course, people grab snakes by the tail, as they don't want to get too close to the head. Which is left loose to turn and bite them.

Even snake tongs don't work very well if you don't get the critter near the head.

Of course the first thing you should do when seeing a snake is yell: CRIKEY ! Other than that Dave and Rattlesnake man did perfect.

What did you try to grab the snake with?


You're welcome.

Ding-dong-tong-not-long-ah-nuff-ah. Great story, Dave. I was with you every adrenaline filled minute.

Thanks for your article, Dave! Yikes, that’s one heck of a way to find inspiration.

My brother did the tongs thing when I was visiting and my SIL noticed a milk snake stretched out behind the canisters on the counter.

Maybe it was a spotted adder.

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