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April 29, 2021


Boulders block road in Boulder Canyon near Boulder according to Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm not sure they could have come up with a bolder headline.

We can be glad they didn't call it Catastrophic Asteroid Strike Canyon.



Boulders? Dam..

Caught between a rock and a hard place, eh?

So the road shoulder needed a boulder holder.

Couldn't the Boulder Highway Dept. rename them rock-abouts and say they improve traffic control by reducing flow at peak hours?

If all else fails, as a last resort, BHD can contact OR Highway and tip them off that a herd of Rocky Mountain Whales are headed in their direction and we need to form a posse & headed them off at the pass.

OK headline writer. Now do Gas, Kansas.

So . . . Pebble Beach should be no problem, right?

At least the place is appropriately named. Big Sandy, TX is in the middle of a forest.

Great, the Department of Redundancy Department will have a field day with this release. In quadruplicate.

Bouldly going where no headline has gone before...

Large or small boulders?

Just pray there is no incident on Stinking Creek Road in Campbell County, Tennessee.

Or Bucksnort also in Tennessee.

Or Cut and Shoot, Texas

Hogs Eye Arkansas

The ever popular Gobbler's Knob, PA

If your lucky you'll get stuck on Distillery Road, MD

There's a little creek near us called "double barrel." Makes you wonder how it got that name. Shotgun wedding? Inquiring minds want to know.

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