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April 16, 2021


Bee sting leads to cheese truck crash along Columbia Gorge

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Soon to be a major motion picture starring Brie Larson.

Just the thought of being stung by a bee while driving makes me cheddar, and that's not gouda.

Police are getting feta up with wreckless driving.

The driver walked up to the Police as they arrived on the scene and said, "Hello. Is it brie you're looking for?

Can the driver be held accountable, as the crash was triggered by a bee sting?
This is a gruyere area.

In queso emergency, call the Provolone Ranger.

"Where is the driver?"

"The woman standing over there."

"I can see from here she was stung on the chest."

"Scrapping" against the guardrail?

Of course, you know who put the bees up to this.

To remove the mess, someone had to enter the trailer and cut the cheese.

He's really going to be cheesed when he finds out he longer has a job with the trucking company.

Had it o'curd to anyone that the truck may have been over whey'd? (But the driver is probably already holed up with the Swiss and unavailable for extradition, according to his cheese wiz legal team of Bugle Cracker Pringle & Dip.)

I havarti seen this story.

Cheese whiz, you guys are funny!

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