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April 29, 2021


Man builds poop wall after property line dispute with neighbor

(Thanks to Geoff Scott, pharmaross and Jay Brandes)


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The original wall idea for Game of Thrones, but they settled for ice.

He probably got some Mexicans to do it for him, let's just hope he didn't ask them to pay for it.

That was tacky, cfjk

Isn't this a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face? Doesn't the farmer also have to smell the 'compost fence?' Farmers are used to such odors, to be sure.


You're welcome!

That is taking 'spite fence' to a new low; however, after a while the fence will smell only when it rains. If it should happen to combust, it will smolder stinkily for weeks. I assume the farmer responsible lives upwind of the disputed property line.

With that command of the language, he's clearly ready to go into politics. Or advertising.

Really crappy article.

I may have told about this before, but if I didn't...

One time the hospital where I worked denied our lab's purchase order for a new coffee pot. My boss proceeded to order a "xanthine extraction apparatus". PO approved!

Time was when you had a dispute with your neighbor, you just hung up some naked life-size inflatable dolls in your trees, and that was that.

*snork* @ ripley

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