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April 22, 2021


Italian hospital employee accused of skipping work for 15 years

(Thanks to wiredog, pharmaross and Not My Usual Alias)


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He probably spent much of that time looking for the cover for his TPS report.

Isn't there an unwritten rule for how long "Hey, cover for me" is supposed to last?

He said "Hold my vodka" to Patsy Stone.

He just went out to buy a pack of smokes.

I thought these never-seen employees usually worked for the government, anybody's government.

coscolo, since Italy has socialized medicine, he does work for the government, albeit sort of indirectly.

And who knows, maybe he didn't go to work because he wasn't any good, in which case the patients may have benefited from his absence.

He's been watching too much C-Span of Congressional hearings.

He wasn't skipping work so much as just letting it accumulate to a more efficiently manageable level.

This is what happens when you binge-watch Breaking Bad on Netflix.

I wonder who did his work-reviews ? What was his score for "Treating others with respect" ?

That's about the time "Where's Waldo" got started.

Brando voice: " So dis my son, Tony. You put him on da payroll, he don't come to work and bother ya, everyone's happy, ya know what I mean ? Good, I can see we have an understandin'. "

Other than that, he was always very punctual.

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