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April 19, 2021


Homes evacuated after hand grenade found at yard sale in South Jersey

(Thanks to Art Kraus)


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Well, he was selling an old one because he'd replaced it with a new one.

Groj sale.

Key quote: Responding officers determined the device was unexploded
Good job, guys!

You launch one of these from your Hummer air cannon after every tenth t-shirt. Keeps the crowd alert.

I was an assistant scoutmaster at the 1981 Boy Scout Jamboree. It was held at Fort AP Hill, in Virginia.

Ft. Hill is a military base, and had been used for military exercises.

About the third day, a scout leader walked into headquarters, carrying something one of the scouts had found. "What is it and what should I do with" he asked.

Headquarters staff didn't know, so they called the Army liaison. 5 minutes later, the bomb disposal team & blast truck showed up.

The team picked up the object with "bomb grippers" and put it in the blast truck and drove to the munitions detonation area.

It turns out that what the scouts had found was a live hand grenade. "They only reason you folks are still alive", the team told headquarters, "was that the handle was rusted on". "It blew before we made it to the range"

Then next day, headquarters distributed a book on 'How to identify explosive device and the helpful advice, i f you do find one, DON'T MOVE THEM.

I thought everything was legal in New Jersey

If you accidentally step on it do they call it a foot grenade?

Holy Hand Grenade of South Jersey?

It's New Jersey! Probably one of their domestic hand grenades.

They really know how to have a blast there.

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