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April 21, 2021


The Audi A6 e-tron concept can project video games with its headlights

(Thanks to man tom)


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What could possibly go wrong?

And not porn? (cuz headlights from headlights would be purty cool)

I just woke up and was reading the part of the post, 'The Audi A6 e-tron can project video games with it's headlights', and was half awake thinking, "where did I hear that before?"

The guy's at Vince's garage screwed up the repair of my video game headlights last time. Better get the extended warranty.

Video game headlights mid 60's Buick Rivera style.

Buick put out some amazing cars in the 1960s. I still remember as a lad getting a ride in the back seat of a brand new Skylark wagon with the vista roof.

My brother works for Audi. This sounds like one of his big ideas.

So you can be just like everybody with a Florida license.

Michigan potholes will take care of simulating the game characters jumping.

does it come with fender mounted lasers??

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