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April 28, 2021


'WW2 bomb’ found in Bavarian forest was sex toy, say officials

(Thanks to Doug Shedd, Alkali Bill, Alan West and Asher Scheiner)


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How far from the strip club in Gdansk was this found?

Now we just need sex toys in the shape of horseshoes to be fully close enough.

Clearly this story was planted to increase Bavarian tourism. Not sure how this device would be used. To frighten gerbils?

A Mr. Language Person question here. Would it be more correct to call it an ass grenade?

The French will certainly surrender over this!

Hand Grenade is kind of a vague term. Was it the good old US pineapple style? Lots of texture there. The new baseball shaped? Not much imagination. Or maybe the old German grenade on a stick? That sounds more utilitarian. Inquiring minds (and me also) want to know.

I think that 655321 is really overthinking this.

Bavaria is a long way from the Suez Canal.

Unless "Suez Canal" is some kind of a Bavarian euphemism, and using a grenade is haste can have dire consequences.

Horseshoes, handgrenades, and sex toys ?


“An internet search confirmed the suspicion,” police said. “There are actually sex toys in the form of hand grenades.”

This is the kind of hard hitting journalism you don't get in the lamestream media.

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