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April 24, 2021


“Marmots climbing into the undercarriage and engine compartments of cars is extremely common in Mineral King,” Paterson said. “They often cause damage and can be difficult to get out once they’re in.”

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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?When is Marmot Day celebrated in Canada

Twice, squirrels ate the wiring harness in my Frontier, $3700 damage each time. This is Not A Good Thing, trust me!

On the plus side, it must have been biodegradable, so Happy Earth Day.

Chipmunks do this too, so keep you car in the garage with the door closed.

Of course, squirrels do this as well.

Marmots are referred to by bears as "snacks". I saw a bear scooping them up and eating them. I was on a hike in AK and I was glad the bear didn't fancy chowing down on me. The marmots went were bite size for the large brown bear. I probably would have been more like two bites.

Ever since vehicle wires started being coated in a soy-based product instead of a petroleum-bsed one, rodents of all kinds have been chowing down. We used to just have to worry about being mugged by marmots for our lunches if we stopped near timberline. Now we have to be concerned our car won't start when we get back to the trailhead.

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