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April 30, 2021


Stellantis Bringing Adorable Citroen Ami To The US As Rental

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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One can only hope that's what's loaded on the Evergiven.

How many clowns will fit in it?

The word 'adorable' should be censored in all 50 states.

Scientists Bringing *bleep* Citrogen Ami to US as Rental

Cutie is perfectly acceptable grammar.

Jacob Oliva's hair cut really shape's him up as a cutie.

Hearing the word adorable, most often in reference to nothing adorable at all like an abscess near one's groin, causes me to want to pull my teeth with an old rusty pair of pliers.

I have never read anything written by The Blog where the word *adorable* was used. Which I see as a measure of his success. Cutie is fine. Cutie could have been used in any of the book titles.

Best. Cutie. State. Ever.

Lessons From Cutie Lucy.

Dave Barry's Book of Bad Cutie Songs

See what I mean? My intentions are good you bunch of adorable cuties.

How about the just title the next two books, Cutie then adorable. Just a suggestion that could harvest a lot of adorable cash.

New Olympic event Citrogen Ami tossing.

I had an adorable friend who had a cyst that looked like a Citroen Ami near her groin surgically removed.

They need to rebrand it the "Deathtrap 2000".

"Is that a new air freshener you have hanging from your rear view mirror?"


"It's adorable!"

"See this pair of old rusty pliers I have in my hand?"


"Watch for blood while I pull my central incisor out."

My girlfriend had a yellow Ford Pinto like the one seen here. It was adorable. I drove it often. Are the people at Ford who made this commercial insane!

I wanted to mention about the Pinto being able to 'stand up to rough roads'. A high school friend jumped the railroad tracks near my house with his mother's Pinto . It bent the car making it appear crooked. One side hung lower than the other when you approached from the back.

It was extra adorable how the timing belt broke at 60,000 miles. Not a bad car otherwise. The firetrap charge was not borne out by statistics.

I make it a point to never travel in a car smaller than me.

I refuse to drive anything that looks like a roller skate.

Wasn't the Pinto one of Columbus's original three ships? So other than having a very primitive GPS system, not that bad.

From another source:
Buying the Ami outright will run $6,600. A stripped-down interior with no radio means you have to provide your own source for tunes, and as a city car, the Ami tops out at 28 MPH and has a range of 43 miles. Charging time is only three hours from a standard European 220-volt outlet. Preorders start March 30 in France, with deliveries scheduled for June. https://uncrate.com/citroen-ami-quadricycle/

I would have to plan my route to the train station very carefully to avoid the mix of natural and man-made predators that would be of concern

My high school friend who jumped the tracks and 'bent' his mother's Pinto put a Header on the Pinto. Another friend described the sound of the *Bent Pinto* with the header as this.

Does this car have an engine, or is it pedal power?

It reminds me of the tiny Japanese car we had that my dad said made him feel like he was riding in a piece of tinfoil.

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