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April 19, 2021



I came across your online learning content and found it to be useful for a lot of people. My company...


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The Email is correct. If you don't find things learned from Dave to be useful, then you don't find anything useful.


This is Flossy the Cow from Four Stomachs Are Better. Your Cow's warranty is about to expire...

Further proof Google is stalking you. I have an elderly relative who is sure there is proof emails like this is just Google wanting to do harm. So why not put on a tin foil hat? No. No, No, No, you don't understand. She puts on a tin foil hat to combat them.

The rest of it said: My company is looking for someone to stop other employees from writing things such as, "Enclosed please find the enclosed enclosure".
It's really just a call for help.

I’m guessing that “My company” didn’t continue with “wants to buy you out.”

Stand back, in the stone alcove. There is a pool of liquid excrement beneath the sentences that follow.

I learn all kinds of things from the blog. The usefulness of it is questionable, but learned nonetheless.

No incentives for signing up like maybe free hand grenades?

Can't blame that person, though. I, for, one learned alot "from" the column's of Mister Language Person, by and large.

@ripley - Snork! All ye remember Erfurt!

I think you're being too hard on this chap. Just today, I learned about predatory hooked jaw sea worms on your blog. Perhaps you can arrange for us to receive credits through a local community college.

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